The Freshwater Butcher is a family owned business. Mark Tindal, our owner operator and head butcher, originated from a New South Wales country town in a community which values and respects the land and the animals on it. 

Mark has been in the butcher business for fifteen years and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge about the meat trade. He has created long term relationships with farmers and wholesalers to ensure he knows exactly where his meat is coming from.

In 2017 Mark and his wife, Lucy, moved to the  Northern Beaches and bought what was once known as the "old Irish Butcher shop". In order to ensure that the Irish products still sold today remain truly authentic, Mark continues to use traditional recipes for Black Pudding and Irish sausages. 

Mark and Lucy have now taken the butchery to another level by focusing on what they know best, providing the best quality, ethically sourced and free-range meat with great service, every time.


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